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  • 01.01.2014 - Major update! Goal Tube 2.0 for Android! Check out the demo video.

  • 22.10.2013 - Review in www.apperlas.com (Spain): (full article)

  • 20.10.2013 - Goal Tube Lite for IOS is out! This is a free version of Goal Tube with some limitations.

    Get it on Google Play

  • 11.10.2013 - Goal Tube Lite for Android is out! This is a free version of Goal Tube with some limitations (IOS version comming soon).

    Get it on Google Play

  • 30.09.2013 - Goal Tube v1.0.4 for Android now available in the AppStore. Now you can configure your own teams as favorites!

  • 26.08.2013 - Goal Tube v1.2 for iOS now available in the AppStore. Now you can configure your own teams as favorites!

  • 07.08.2013 - Goal tube for Android has arrived!

  • 22.07.2013 - Goal tube v1.1 is now available!

  • 12.07.2013 - Goal tube v1.1 has come out of the oven! Coming soon...

  • 20.06.2013 - Review in 99aplicativos.com.br (Brazil): (full article)

  • 30.05.2013 - Our App has now been reviewed in www.iphoneappreview.com

  • 27.05.2013 - Another great review in www.shineapp.com

  • 24.05.2013 - Check out our latest article in appscovery.com

  • 22.05.2013 - A Dutch review for Goal Tube in www.iphoneclub.nl

  • 15.05.2013 - App review in iclub.pt

  • 14.05.2013 - Our first review in Portuguese www.appsdoiphone.com

  • 13.05.2013 - Goal Tube is finally here!

  • Favourites

    Configure up to 8 of your favourite teams or competitions and view the latest videos available.

  • All Competitions

    Your dedicated competitions menu will allow you to browse through the latest matches and videos

  • Share with friends

    Share videos with friends by email or on Facebook and Twitter.
    (IOS only, soon on Android too)

  • Videos Search

    Search the world's most compreensive football(soccer) videos categorised archive using a simple search criteria (Competition / Team / Dates).
    (IOS only, soon on Android too)

  • Customize your App

    Setup and manage your favorite competitions by defining your preferences and priorities.

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About Us

GoalTube was founded in January 2013 by 2 friends who share a common background in Information Technology. Their expertise in working with communication technology and forward thinking led them to develop a worldwide service to the general public. GoalTube provides access to the most comprehensive football videos pointer database in the world with close to real time updates. What differentiates GoalTube from any other service is that it encapsulates fully structured and categorized information, while providing easy access and archive search features at the same time.

Since GoalTube does not hold, store or control any of the audio visual content that we provide access to, the need has required the design and construction of an architecture from the ground up which allows our servers to feed from multiple content sources. We focused on a robust solution as being one of the key factors for the success of our business. The GoalTube project will always look to evolve into the future with a fully structured roadmap and with planned new features and functionalities as part of the core strategy.

We work continuously to improve not only our servers, but also the quality of our applications. Therefore, any constructive criticism, suggestions or positive feedback will be very much appreciated.

Audio Visual Content

GoalTube does not host any of the audio-visual content which is made available through either our apps, portals and servers. All content is hosted and provided on third party servers. When our servers retrieve audio-visual related information either through apps or any other means, you are being redirected to a third party hosted website and any audio-visual content that is made available to you on a third party hosted website is not in any way stored by us and therefore we cannot be held responsible for any kind of poor or unexpected experiences that you might encounter.

Unavailable / Incorrect content

Should you find that any of the audio visual content does not work or is incorrectly categorized, please send us an email, indicating the context (Competition / Match / Video Title)

Right Holders

If you believe that you are a holder of intellectual property rights over specific content, you should seek its removal by directly contacting the host that is responsible for the content. Once removed, GoalTube or any other search engine will no longer be able to provide links to the content in question. In case you need assistance on finding the content which infringes upon your rights, please send us an email with the title of the audio visual content on the third party hosted website and we'll try to assist in the best way we can.